WINDHAM SCHOOL DISTRICT Administrative Assistant II - Campus in DAYTON, Texas

The only information to be considered for this position will be in the "State of Texas Application for Employment" and "Employment Application Supplement" packet you submit. This position requires a typing test, see TYPING SKILLS. **For each posted position for which you are applying, you must submit copies of all documents verifying minimum qualifications for the posted position. **You must submit a photocopy of your official transcript verifying the required coursework needed for verification of minimum education requirements. **WSD will no longer be able to access employee or applicant files for transcripts or other documents. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: High school diploma from an accredited high school or hold a GED. A minimum of three years full-time, wage earning experience in general clerical/secretarial duties. POSITION REQUIRES A TYPING TEST and MUST BE ATTACHED TO YOUR APPLICATION WHEN IT IS RECEIVED PRIOR TO THE CLOSING DATE. See Typing Skills as outlined below. TYPING SKILLS: . Must type 45 net words per minute with no more than ten errors on a 5 minute appropriate Texas Workforce Commission or TDCJ typing test, a minimum of 55 net words per minute is preferred. Typing test must show score is WPM minus Errors = Net score *accuracy is not considered in lieu of actual number of errors listed.) PARTIAL SUMMARY OF DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Serves as secretary to the Principal in day to day routine management & clerical work. Organize & maintain correspondence, reports & appointment calendar. Develop & maintain efficient system of student records. Coordinate paperwork, testing & class schedules. Maintain records/files for WSD employees on the unit. Consolidates and types monthly/annualreports & daily WSD attendance accounting.